24 May 2020



Gran Fondo Gdynia 2020 in a... virtual version!

Dear Riders!

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic we have decided to cancel 2020 edition of Gran Fondo Gdynia, scheduled for May 24th.

All of us - organizers and competitors - had pretty different expectations for this season. The decision we have made is extremely difficult but in the current situation, the only right one. Taking into account both the current legal status of the organization of mass events, as well as the desire to ensure maximum safety for you, the participants as well as for volunteers, fans, our partners, technical teams and our entire staff, we cannot do otherwise. We also don't want to postpone this decision, hoping that it will allow everyone to minimize the costs and revise your calendar well in advance.


However, we know that you miss the emotions of racing or even training together. Therefore - hoping that next season we will meet on the beautiful Kashubian routes of Gran Fondo Gdynia "in real life" - we invite you to the Gran Fondo Gdynia Virtual Race, this May. Below you will find some details of our proposal.

  • The Gran Fondo Gdynia Virtual Race will be held on Rouvy app. The Gran Fondo Gdynia course has recently been filmed specifically for this purpose and will be available to users of Rouvy from May onwards. You will be able to feel Kashubia in your home and... in your legs! Every uphill and every downhill.
  • Two forms of participation in the Gran Fondo Gdynia Virtual Race will be available:

a) Challenge available from May 1 - May 31 for owners of any trainer.

b) Virtual race with open and age group classifications for owners of smart trainers.

  • Participants registered for this year's Gran Fondo Gdynia can take part in the Gran Fondo Gdynia Virtual Race without any additional payments. They will receive the official race jersey and the finisher medal (sent by courier at the expense of the organizer) plus 30 days of full access to the Rouvy app.
  • Those who have not registered to the Gran Fondo Gdynia 2020, can still sign up for the Gran Fondo Gdynia Virtual Race with an entry fee of 100 PLN. The same finisher medal (courier service) and 30 days of full access to Rouvy will be included in the fee.


For those who are not interested in participating in the Gran Fondo Gdynia Virtual Race, we have prepared the following options:

  • Free shipping of the official Gran Fondo Gdynia 2020 race jersey to the address provided.
  • Refunding the entry fee reduced by the administration fee of 100 PLN. The administration fee is intended to cover the costs of the already executed work of the organizing staff and other expenses related to the promotion and organisation of Gran Fondo Gdynia 2020.

If the fee is returned, it is also possible to transfer the amount declared by the competitor to a charity collection supporting the rehabilitation of Ryszard Szurkowski. So far, we have collected over 12 000 PLN for this purpose! Thank you!


Regardless of the option chosen by the rider, anyone can apply for a refund of extra services such as medal engraving, starting kit home delivery or finisher photos. However, it is impossible to receive a refund of the cancellation insurance.

All the merch orders – incl. official Gran Fondo Gdynia bib shorts and socks – will be realized.


Each registered participant will soon receive an email with a link to a short survey in which they will declare their chosen solution. We will keep you informed about the next steps.

To receive a refund for extra services or in case of any other questions, please contact info@gfgdynia.com.


In these difficult weeks, we wish that all of you stayed safe, healthy and positive. We don’t worry about the perseverance of the cyclists. Take care, train at home and we do hope to meet you on the cycling routes very soon. We also count on your attending on Rouvy during the Gran Fondo Gdynia VR! This will be an invaluable support and a positive signal for us during this difficult time for the whole sporting sector. And a new and very positive experience, which - who knows - we may continue in the future!

Take care!

 Your Gran Fondo Gdynia Team