24 May 2020



Gran Fondo Gdynia VR 2020 medal!

The sport is largely transferred to the virtual reality. This is what happened to the Gran Fondo Gdynia race, which will be held in the VR version this year. But not everything is becoming digital, because the medal at the finish line is still real!

Due to the Covid-19 epidemic, we decided to move our race to virtual reality. Recent weeks show that this is an interesting and exciting formula. This applies both to classic bike races like Ronde van Vlaanderen as well as the mountain stages of the Tour de Suisse. What do these races have in common? They have been successfully ridden in the virtual competition.

This is also an possibility for the participants of the Gran Fondo Gdynia VR. They will be able to try virtual race in two formulas:

- Challenge - riding a 90 km Gran Fondo Gdynia route in the Rouvy app, between 1 and 31 May, available for all types of bicycle trainers,

- Gran Fondo Gdynia VR 2020 - VR race on a 90 km route, START: 24 May, 8:00 am, only for smart bicycle trainers.

Each registered person who declared starting the race in the survey will also receive a medal, which has just been presented today.

- A medal is a symbol. The prize for training, preparation, and effort put into the route from the start to the finish line. All the more valuable because our route measures as much as 90 km. It isn’t flat, Ibecause Kashubian landscapes are just a varied area. it’s a challenge to ride this route, especially on the bicycle trainer. This effort is rewarded with a real and unique medal - says Michał Drelich, director of Gran Fondo Gdynia VR 2020. – By using Rouvy app you can truly feel as if you were in Gdynia, Koleczkowo, Sopieszyno, Szemud and other places along the route. The driveway in the Tri-City Landscape Park is really exhausting as well - he adds.

You can still register for the Gran Fondo Gdynia VR 2020 Race. Registration is available on SlotMarket.pl and the cost of participation is 100 PLN. Every participant will receive a medal presented today and free access to Rouvy app for 30 days, valid till the end of the year.